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9 ladies on How “Taking a Break” From Their S.O. Saved Their Relationship Perhaps Ross and Rachel were on to something…? Okay, so Kylie and Travis are on some slack, also it does not seem like they’re thinking about ending it any time soon. This is certainly obvi terrifying for just about any stans of this “Rise and Shine” singer and her beau, because relationship breaks just about have actually the worst rep ever. Myself, I’d want to blame Ross and Rachel for this—but more likely, it’s because we’ve all “taken a break” from the partner, and then split up for ...

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Ingleside Shire Horse Stud
Ingleside Shire Horse Stud ... Read MoreRead Less
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Ashleigh Ives sent us this beautiful photo of Ingleside Ranger. He looks amazing and is obviously well looked after. If you click on the pic you will see all of him ... Read MoreRead Less
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