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Essential Foaling Kit

In getting our seemingly never-ending list of supplies ready for foaling, it occurred to us that this was something that other people might find useful.  So we’ve pulled together the Essential Foaling Kit!
Foaling kit plus FoalWatch test kit and Colostometer

Foaling kit plus FoalWatch test kit and Colostometer


Over the years we have developed a pretty comprehensive list of goods that we simply cannot do without come foaling season. We keep a kit of all these items near our foaling yard and whip them out as soon as it looks like a foal might arrive.

Each kit will also come with our set of notes that we have developed specifically for dealing with draught horse foals. It also includes a list of household items you should have on hand when foaling in addition to the kit items.

Essential Foaling Kit – $150

Free pickup from Ingleside Stud (Bredbo, NSW) or plus postage.  Contact Ineke on or 0408 669 639 to order.

The Essential Foaling Kit includes:

2% iodine solution in a special chemical resistant spray bottle – for sterilising the navel

Navel dipping tube – also useful for sterilising the navel

Baby bottle with pre-snipped teat – set up and ready to go for feeding the newborn foal

Wide-topped jug – for milking the mare

Shoulder length gloves x 3 – ideal for keeping your arm clean when assisting a delivery

Short latex gloves x 3 pairs – for keeping your hands clean while handling the placenta etc

5ml syringes x 15 – the right size for administering antibiotics to a foal

19 gauge x 1” needles x 15 – shorter length specifically for using on foals. Hard to find.

3ml syringe x 5 – ideal for administering oxytocin to the mare

18 gauge x 1.5” needles – for the mare

Pre-prepared enema with a great administration tool – for helping foals to poop

Dosing syringe – perfect for administering milk to foals who won’t suck

Digital thermometer – Fast-read and accurate this is essential for monitoring the temperature of both foal and mare after the birth

Cohesive bandage – vet-wrap style. Handy for all sorts of things, including keeping the mare’s tail out of the way during foaling

Wart-Off– ideal for using to treat leaking umbilicus. A solid wart stick (not paint) is hard to find.

LED headlamp – perfect for being able to see what you are doing and keeping your hands free

Also available and HIGHLY recommended

Colostrometer – $100

Used for measuring the quality of the colostrum. This will give you an idea of if your foal is likely to have received antibodies from the milk, and also for assessing the quality of colostrum for freezing.

Foalwatch test kits – $150

A milk test kit that indicates how soon foaling is likely to occur. Kit contains 20 tests.

We find both of these invaluable tools when foaling.

 Individual items

We can also supply items individually – please contact Ineke on or 0408 669 638 to discuss your needs.

Please note:  We recommend that owners receive specific instructions or training from their veterinarian regarding appropriate use of obstetrical equipment, recognition of complications of the foaling process, and medical care of the newborn foal.

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