Ingleside Anastasia wins at Bungendore Show


It was a great day at Bungendore Show for us. Depite it POURING rain when we left home at 4.30am with 3 horses on board, the day cleared up and it was beautiful by the time we got to Bungendore. There was a strong turnout of Shires with a couple of the larger NSW studs bringing horses along to be judged by Mr Colin Brown, who is on both the Clydesdale and Shire judging panels.

It was the first time out for Ingleside Olympia, and she was very well behaved all day. Ingleside Anastasia is an old hand at showing, and also took everything in her stride. Olympia and Anna both won their classes and were Champion and Reserve female Shires.

Next Anna went up against the champion stallion, did a marvellous job showing herself off, and was awarded Supreme Champion Shire.

Finally, Anna went up against the Supreme Champion Clydesdale, a lovely young filly owned by the Sercombe family. It was a close class, but the judge just couldn’t go past Anna, awarding her Supreme Champion Heavy Horse of the Show!

We were thrilled, and qutie tickled to recieve our first ever garland (which aren’t usually awarded to heavy horses for some reason).

Anna also placed 2nd in the ridden Shire class.

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