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Shires are becoming very popular for riding and many Ingleside horses are broken to both ride and drive.

Shires make great mounts, and with their quiet nature are particularly suited to new riders or those lacking in confidence.  Of course, they are equally great for an experienced rider just looking for a horse to enjoy!

Ineke has had great success in Shire ridden classes Buff download apex legends, winning this class at Sydney Royal a number of times on different horses: our stud stallions Ingleside Might’n’Power and Oakridge Speculator; mares Ingleside Anastasia and Ingleside Harmony; and gelding Ingleside Tuxedo.

Shires have a long history as ridden horses – for hundreds of years they were used to supply cavalry horses for the English army, and are decended from the ‘Great Horse’ or the ‘War-Horse’ as far back as the 15th Century.

Many Royal and Agricultural Shows are now offering ridden Shire or ridden Heavy Horse classes, offering another great opportunity to show your Shire.


Ineke has been a keen driver for the past 20 years, and has had many successes in both working and show turnout classes.  As a teenager Ineke was very involved in the NSW Working Heavy Horse Association and the Australia Draught Horse Society.  During this time she spent a lot of time learning about driving from experienced horsemen and was soon competing successfully against them.

Ineke has been involved in show turnout classes with both Shires and Clydesdales, and have been very successful in this field.

Ineke and Byron with Clydesdale gelding Aarunga Max

Ineke with Clydesdale gelding Aarunga Classic Lad

Shire stallion Oakridge Speculator

Ineke with Oakridge Speculator

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