Rearing and handling foals


Ingleside Anastasia

Ingleside stud has been successfully breeding, foaling and rearing Shires for many years. We are now approaching our 100th foal and have 5 generations of Ingleside horses in our current herd.

Shire foals can be surprisingly delicate, so care needs to be taken throughout their early life.

All our foals receive the best of care, from conception through foaling and their formative years. Mares are kept in optimum condition throughout their pregnancy and monitored closely as they approach foaling. All births are attended and expert assistance provided to both mares and foals throughout their labour and delivery.

Foals are monitored from birth to ensure they stand and drink in the crucial first two hours. They are also closely watched during their first few weeks for any signs of illness or heat stress, so early treatment of any developing problem is assured. They are fully registered with the Shire Horse Society Australia, wormed and vaccinated, as well as DNA tested and microchipped to meet all registration requirements.

Ingleside foals are extremely well handled, and taught at an early age to lead, tie up, pick up their feet and load onto a truck or float. Depending on their individual maturity they are weaned between the ages of four and six months, and when we are sure they are well adjusted, are available to go to their new homes.

We also offer advice on the feeding and nutrition of young Shires to ensure they reach their maximum potential.

There are many other areas we can help you with – for more details please visit our Services page. We also supply foaling kits and a comprehensive set of notes about foaling, in particular heavy horses.

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