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Ingleside Tuxedo – Winner of the Best Gelding and Ridden Shire at the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The Shire Grade B Registry

Since its beginning in 1880, the Shire Stud book has allowed the entry of horses which did not have both parents in the Full Registry.  This is called an Open Stud Book and encourages new genetics from quality horses of the right type, which in turn leads to the continual improvement and renewal of the breed.  It also leads to healthy hybrid vigour and good size, and the Shire Horse is renowned for both.

Mingara Lady Ebony – Supreme Champion Shire Sydney Royal 2013

Grading fillies, mares and geldings are eligible to be shown in Shire classes.  See our Show Success page to see some of our successful show horses that are products of the grading registry. Horses pictured on this page are all products of the Grading registry.

The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book follows the same grading registry rules as the UK Stud Book.

  1. When a registered Shire Stallion is bred to a registered Clydesdale mare, and the resulting foal is a filly, she is eligible for entry into the B Registry.  If the resulting foal is a colt, then he is eligible for the Non-Breeding Registry, either as a registered Shire gelding, or as a stallion which cannot breed registered Shires but can breed other types of horses, such as Sporthorses (light horse/Shire Horse crosses) or Drum Horses.
  2. When that B Registry filly foal matures and is put to a registered Shire stallion, filly foals from this mating are eligible for the Full Registry. As a Full Registry mare, if she is bred to a registered Shire stallion, then all of her foals, whether male or female will be eligible for the Full Registry.
  3. If the B Registry mare is put to a registered Shire stallion and produces a colt foal, then he is eligible for the Non-Breeding Shire Registry, as a gelding, or as a stallion which cannot breed registered Shires but can breed other types of horses.
  4. All registered offspring in any registry are eligible for Shire show classes either as Shire fillies and mares, or as colts until they are two years old and then as Shire geldings.  These horses have had great success in the show ring both in the UK and In Australia, and many of their descendants have enjoyed show success also.

Ingleside Anastasia – Champion Shire Mare Sydney Royal 2014

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