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Please find below links to shire horse related web sites. We can’t always guarantee their accuracy as sites do change, but hopefully you will find them of interest. If you would like us to include your link, please contact us.

Shire Horse Organisations

For all your pedigree information, visit the World Shire Stud Book – this unique web-based stud book includes horses from every Shire stud book in the world!

Shire and Clydesdale breeding friends from here and around the world

Publications and forums

Other interesting/handy sites

More About Shires

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Ingleside Tuxedo on his winning Versatility Horse run. KILLING IT!! Nice work Byron! ... Read MoreRead Less

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This is Mingara Lady Ebony with Ineke Kuiper of Ingleside Shires at Sydney Royal where she was Supreme. Ebony is retired from breeding now but we still have three of her daughters and a granddaughter. ... Read MoreRead Less

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